Photography is reality, photography is the splendour of life captured, photography is not a glance it’s an emotion.


Wedding happens once in a lifetime and I do not fail to capture the minutest details of the precious moments and memories of your dream wedding in a unique manner. I strive to create timeless memories and souvenirs in the most beautiful way possible of your once-in-a-lifetime event. There’s nothing like looking back at those beautiful moments and reliving them. I make an effort to be unique when it comes to wedding photography.


People often say “one look is worth a thousand words but in reality wedding photographs tell a story just as well, if not better than, a lot of written words. A wedding is typically one of the most memorable days in a lifetime, one that people remember for years to come. For most couples, regular pictures just won’t do.


On your beautiful beginning for a wonderful life filled with love, dreams and memories I ensure to capture every moment focusing on real emotions. As wedding photographer I spare no effort to memorialize the happiest day of your life by capturing irreplaceable moments and translating them into pictures.


It’s the client’s appreciation that I desire to be rewarded with. But, it’s overwhelming to feature among the best wedding photographers on the web as well. What’s more, it’s a re-affirmation of my passion to serve my clients to happiness.


I’ve always wondered how people have showered their unconditional love on me over the years. I am so touched to receive thank-you cards, emails and letters from happy couples. I got in touch with them and asked what made my work unique and the answers were encouraging:


To make weddings more beautiful and memorable, Capturing the flow of emotions throughout the event has become an essential activity now a days. So, I am here to build your moments for tomorrow by portraying this truly magical love journey in an extraordinary manner.


Gone are the days when couples used to see each other on their wedding days only. Modern couples prefer getting married in a unique way which involves pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots. I devote myself to create unique pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots and capture your story as a couple.


Maternity, the little secret only a mother can feel, no doubt, is a precious miracle. Many girls wish to capture the incredible moments of this overwhelming experience and cherish it for a lifetime with a maternity photo shoot. Every happy memory created with a kids photo shoot, for a child, is a treasure of a lifetime.